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 League Divisions

 Veterans Division: (+30yrs): Played on Tuesday nights. Game times are at 730PM, 830PM & 930PM (All skill levels)

 Playmakers Open Division: (+18yrs)Played on Thursday nights Game times are 730PM & 830PM & 930PM. (Upper skill level)

 Sunday Saints Division: (+18yrs): Played on Sunday mornings  Game times are 10AM & 11AM & Noon & 1PM (Beginner skill)

 Youth Development Program: (+4-16yrs): Every Tuesday at 530pm - Instruction by Coach Shaw and the TIHL. Click here to be directed to the  Facebook group page to check us out. If your child(ren) need  equipment  feel free to ask and we will do our best to help outfit them with what loaner gear we have available.

 Youth Leagues: TBD: (+4-16yrs): 10U Game times are 630 & 715pm. 16U game times are 8 & 9pm. League starts September 28th 2018!!!
 Rink Rat Pick Up Hockey: (+18) TBD. Limited spots available so text your name to ---> 813-210-5733 or get on the Facebook page ---> Tampa Inline Hockey League -  to  reserve your spot asap! Jerseys will be supplied  but must be returned. 
 Tampa IHL is a NON CHECKING league however, Roller/Inline hockey is a contact sport with physical demands and inherent risk, which are beyond control of the team representatives, the officials, the  arena attendants and the  league executive. Falls, collisions and other incidents may occur and cause severe injury. The participants must assume the risks associated with this activity. The Tampa Inline  Hockey League and Pro Shot Hockey LLC will not  be held liable for any injuries that may occur during league play or any related activities. Participants are responsible for wearing appropriate protective  equipment and following all safety guidelines. All participants are  responsible for their own personal health, medical, dental and accident insurance coverage. 
 Equipment Required at ALL TIMES - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
 1. H.E.C.C. approved helmet with full facemask/cage 
 2. Elbow pads 
 3. Gloves 
 4. Padded roller girdle/athletic cup 
 5. Shin Guards 
 6. INLINE HOCKEY skates- No skates with brakes, No "roller" skates 
 7. Positive Attitude 
 Sign up waiver form and RHA insurance must be completed prior to league or pickup play. If you would like to register for league play please complete the "Player registration form" under the "Join our league!" tab  above. Payment is  not required  to initiate registration. Spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis at the time of new league season registration or as positions become available. League spots are  only guaranteed  once payment has been made prior  to season commencement.
 *** All Games are played at Downtown Skate's Pro Shot Hockey Arena located at 5313 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa Fl, 33617 in the Terrace Sports building beside the bowling alley.

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